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5 Ideas for Outdoor Party Games

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Outdoor party games are a fantastic way to plan simple entertainment with fun results. Choosing an outdoor venue also makes it easy to coordinate other logistics of your event, such as food, parking, and washrooms.

5 Ideas for Outdoor Party Games

If you are looking for fun things to do, here are five ideas for outdoor party games:

  1. Cornhole: Does it get any more classic than a game of cornhole? The great thing about this one is that most people are already familiar with the rules, but if not, it’s incredibly easy to catch on and enjoy. It’s also suitable for all ages!
  2. Capture the flag: When you have a big group of kids or mixed ages, this is another game that is sure to be a hit. Divide up into two teams, make your camps, and try to capture the opposition’s flag!
  3. Scavenger hunt: If you have time to prepare, setting up a scavenger hunt is a great way to tailor a game to suit your event. It can be themed to a birthday party or even scaled up for a corporate retreat to encourage team building. There are tons of ways to add variety to a scavenger hunt.
  4. Blob tag: Looking for a variation on a classic? Start with two players as “it,” who must hold hands and chase down the other players. As people get tagged, they join hands and become part of the blob! Once the blob reaches 6 people, it divides into multiple blobs to try and capture the remaining participants.
  5. Mobile gellyball: Gellyball is similar to paintball, but it skips the pain and mess (which makes it suitable for kids as young as 5!). Mobile gellyball brings the fun to your location, with either players as targets or a shooting gallery. All you need to know will be brought and explained (learn more).

When you’re planning a special event, outdoor party games are your best bet to entertain a big group of people of all ages. If you’re looking for more ideas for party entertainment, check out the Northeast Texas Gellyball Fun Center.