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Outdoor Party Games, Sulphur Springs, TX

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Gellyball is the outdoor party game you’ve been looking for.

When you host a party, you like taking advantage of the nice weather and hosting it outside. But when you plan an outdoor gathering, you also have to plan outdoor party games your guests can play. If you would rather not go with normal yard games and want to try something new and different, playing gellyball is the way to go.

Outdoor Party Games in Sulphur Springs, Texas

What is gellyball? A fun and exciting alternative to regular paintball, gellyball is an outdoor party game that’s growing in popularity. Regular paintball ammo can pack a sting, but gellyball uses soft gel balls instead. After you take a shot, these gel balls will simply bounce off of your target or disintegrate completely. These balls don’t leave behind any stain and, most importantly, they don’t hurt.

At Northeast Texas Gellyball, we can bring gellyball to you, and we’re excited to help you plan your next party. We provide mobile gellyball here in the Sulphur Springs, Texas area, and we’ll bring all the equipment your guests need to play several rounds of gellyball during your next party.

Whether you and your guests have played gellyball before or you’re new to the sport, it’s one of the best outdoor party games to play with people of all ages. Even kids as young as five can play gellyball and participate with the rest of your group!

If you’re looking for outdoor party games that are fun and family-friendly, gellyball is the way to go. To learn more about this fun outdoor game or to make a reservation for mobile gellyball, contact us today.