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Local Activities, Sulphur Springs, TX

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Along with gellyball, our facility offers other local activities, including cornhole and axe throwing.

If you’re feeling tired of participating in the usual outings, it may be time to find some new local activities to enjoy. Many people get stuck in the rut of doing the same thing during their free time, and that can quickly become stale. Performing an online search for local activities in the Sulphur Springs, Texas area will likely bring up Northeast Texas Gellyball, a venue that’s packed with experiences that are anything but boring. In fact, some of the local activities we offer may be brand new to you!

Local Activities in Sulphur Springs, Texas

One of the most popular things to do within our facility is gellyball, a game that shares some similarities with paintball but doesn’t cause pain or messes. Gellyball guns are loaded with soft spheres. When you shoot someone with a gellyball gun, the ammo inside will bounce right off without causing any discomfort. Since it’s a gentle alternative to paintball, it’s an activity that’s even fun for kids as young as five years old.

We have a unique glow-in-the-dark arena for gellyball within our facility, or we can bring the fun to you with our mobile service. If you want to host a local gathering with a game that is new and fun for everyone, we’d love to help make that happen.

Along with gellyball, our facility offers other local activities, including cornhole and axe throwing. You and your crew are sure to enjoy getting out and doing something different, whether that involves trying your hand at throwing an axe down the lane or shooting one another with soft, pain-free gellyballs.

At Northeast Texas Gellyball, we offer local activities for those in Sulphur Springs, Greenville, Paris, Mount Pleasant, Rockwall, Clarksville, New Boston, Commerce, Pittsburg, and Broken Bow, Texas.