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Children’s Paintball, Sulphur Springs, TX

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If you’re interested in children’s paintball, we have a game for you.

Paintball is a great game that involves competition, running, sometimes teamwork, and tons of fun. However, it also involves a lot of pain and messes. For these reasons, paintball isn’t exactly the ideal game for kids. If you’re a parent or guardian of young kids, you probably spend enough time removing stains from your kids’ clothes and questionable substances from their hair already. Plus, the last thing you want is for your kids to get hurt. If you’re looking for children’s paintball, we have just the game for your kids.

Children’s Paintball in Sulphur Springs, Texas

At Northeast Texas Gellyball, we are proud to bring kid-friendly fun to the Sulphur Springs, Texas community through gellyball. This is a fun shooting game that’s a lot like paintball, except it won’t make a huge mess or hurt your kids. The ammo is made of soft gel balls filled with water. These have a light impact, and while they may produce a slight stinging sensation, there shouldn’t be any pain involved. In fact, gellyball is so safe and painless that kids as young as five can play it. Gellyball is as close as you can get to children’s paintball without the downsides of paintball.

We offer gellyball at our venue, which includes a super fun glow-in-the-dark gellyball arena (the only one in the state). We take both walk-ins and event rentals. We even offer mobile gellyball for customers who want to play the game at the location of their choosing, such as in their yard.

If you’ve been considering children’s paintball and are interested in letting your kids play gellyball instead, book online or contact us today to learn more.

At Northeast Texas Gellyball, we think playing gellyball is much better than children’s paintball in Sulphur Springs, Greenville, Paris, Mount Pleasant, Rockwall, Clarksville, New Boston, Commerce, Pittsburg, and Broken Bow, Texas.