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Paintball, Clarksville, TX

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If you love paintball but don’t want to go home with bruises, we have just the game for you.

Paintball has been popular for many years, although it might surprise you to learn that it was only invented less than 50 years ago in 1981. Since then, kids and adults everywhere have played paintball at parties or even during corporate retreats as team-building activities. There’s friendly competition, thrill, and lots of running around. However, no one who has played paintball before is a stranger to the pain and mess that comes along with it. If you’d prefer to play without getting bruises on your skin or paint in your hair, we have just the thing for you.

Paintball in Clarksville, Texas

Gellyball is a shooting game that’s a lot like paintball. You can play as individuals or in teams, and there’s no shortage of fun. Gellyball blasters contain tiny gel balls filled with water. This ammo has a much lighter impact compared to paintball ammo, so you won’t be leaving the game in pain. There may be a slight stinging sensation upon impact, but gellyball is actually so safe that even kids as young as five can play.

Gellyball is great for families with young kids or even teens and adults who aren’t keen on being sore after playing. To play, just come on down to Northeast Texas Gellyball. We have the state’s only glow-in-the-dark 3D gellyball arena, so you can enjoy 3D glow gellyball for some extra fun. It’s kind of like paintball and laser tag combined. For our customers in Clarksville, Texas that would rather play somewhere else, we also offer mobile gellyball, so you can choose the location and we’ll bring all the equipment.


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At Northeast Texas Gellyball, we think playing gellyball is much better than paintball in Sulphur Springs, Greenville, Paris, Mount Pleasant, Rockwall, Clarksville, New Boston, Commerce, Pittsburg, and Broken Bow, Texas.


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