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How to Choose the Perfect Location for a Mobile Gellyball Game

Mobile gellyball is a great activity to elevate any party or get-together. While the beauty of mobile gellyball is that it can be set up virtually anywhere, we wanted to take the opportunity to provide our customers with a few tips and tricks to help them pick locations most conducive to a fun time.

How to Choose the Perfect Location for a Mobile Gellyball Game

Below, you’ll find some of the criteria we recommend when you’re selecting the location for your next mobile gellyball event.

  • Size. Ideally, you’ll need plenty of room to run around during gameplay, but you should also consider whether your prospective location will have enough space to accommodate areas for players to rest between games or for spectators to relax and enjoy watching other people play.
  • Layout. Playing outdoors is always fun, but make sure that the terrain is safe for players to run, dodge, dive, and do other physical activities. Grassy areas are ideal, while hard surfaces like asphalt, gravel, and rock are not suggested. For indoor venues, make sure that the flooring is safe to play on, and that there aren’t any major obstacles to contend with, or if there are, how you can plan to help players be aware of or accommodate them.
  • Amenities. Even if gellyball is the main event, your guests will likely need access to restrooms and areas for snacking and rehydrating.
  • Permits or permissions. While many people choose to play on their own property, it can be fun to explore other options. Just make sure that you’re allowed to be on the property and that there are no restrictions or limitations to what you can do while in the vicinity.

Mobile gellyball is a fun, engaging activity that can take any party to the next level. By considering these factors, you can ensure that your next mobile gellyball event is a huge success.

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