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Gellyball Adventures: Your Roadmap to Family Fun [infographic]

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Here at Northeast Texas Gellyball, we love helping bring people together through good, old-fashioned family fun. We have a hard time thinking of a better way to strengthen your family’s communication skills, get your blood pumping with physical activity, and enjoy endless laughs than a rousing game of gellyball, and we want to help you get the most out of your time when you visit us. Check out this handy roadmap for planning for your next gellyball session. 

Gellyball Adventures: Your Roadmap to Family Fun

Step One: Choose Your Date & Time. 

  • Family fun works best when, well, the whole family is there. Make sure you consult everyone’s schedules when you’re considering times and dates.

Step Two: Find the Right Package.

  • While visiting our gellyball arena is always great fun, if this is a regular family outing, it might be nice to add a little something different to shake things up. Consider booking some time on one of our axe-throwing lanes or try out our mobile gellyball unit at your chosen location.

Step Three: Send Invitations.

  • Family fun isn’t limited to your immediate family, so get the whole crew involved! Send out invitations to extended family, choose a few close friends to invite, or allow us to host your next event, like a birthday party or anniversary.

Step Four: Strategize for Success.

  • There’s a role in gellyball for every strength, so take time to strategize with your crew and develop a plan for gameplay. This helps ensure everyone feels valued for what they bring to the game and increases the odds you’ll come out victorious.

Step Five: Dress for Triumph.

  • We suggest comfy clothing that allows you to move freely. Make things official with designated team colors, or go all out with official t-shirts or jerseys.

Step Six: Put on Your Game Face.

  • A good game-day attitude is essential for family fun, so foster a spirit of positive competitiveness that gets people excited without putting too much pressure on winning.

Step Seven: Debrief and Reflect.

  • A post-game debrief is a great way to talk out any issues you may have encountered, reflect on your favorite moments from the outing, and plan for the next time.