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Everything You Need to Know About Gellyball

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Everything You Need to Know About GellyballAt Northeast Texas Gellyball, we’re proud to be bringing family fun to the Sulphur Springs, Texas community as the only provider of gellyball in the area. However, we’re well aware that few people have heard of gellyball before, let alone know what it is. Consider this article your guide to the basics of gellyball.

What Is Gellyball?

Gellyball is a fun shooting game that uses soft gel balls filled with water as ammo. These tiny gel balls burst upon impact, but they are not painful. Players who have been shot may feel a slight stinging sensation, but the impact is so mild that this game is safe even for kids as young as five years. You can think of gellyball as a painless, stainless version of paintball.

Who Can Play?

Young kids love gellyball, to be sure, but it’s a game for people of all ages. Teens can enjoy it while hanging out with their friends, and it is a great game for church youth groups, too. Even adults can have fun playing gellyball, so it’s a great activity for fun dates, team building among colleagues, and more.

Gellyball is a fun activity to enjoy with your family on a regular day or for a special event, like a birthday party. If you want to play at our fun center, we encourage you to book online today. We have the only 3D glow-in-the-dark gellyball arena in the state. Or, you can book mobile gellyball if you’d like us to set up the game in your backyard, in the woods, at your church, or in another location.