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Paintball Party Packages, Sulphur Springs, TX

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Play gellyball instead of paintball at your next party.

Paintball is a fun and popular sport. But because it can hurt when you get hit with a paintball, it isn’t exactly the most family-friendly game. And playing paintball can be an expensive activity when you have to rent the equipment and buy the ammo.

Paintball Party Packages in Sulphur Springs, Texas

If you have looked into paintball party packages for an upcoming event but aren’t convinced this is the game you want to play at your next party, consider gellyball instead. Gellyball is a family-friendly alternative to paintball that involves using small gel balls. On impact, these gel balls don’t cause any pain. And if you don’t hit your target, they simply disintegrate. Gellyball can be played by kids as young as five, and it’s a great game to play at nearly any gathering.

Stop your search for paintball party packages and go with gellyball instead. At Northeast Texas Gellyball, we can bring this game to you, or you can bring your group to our fun center in Sulphur Springs, Texas. Either way, your guests will love this alternative to paintball, and they’ll have tons of fun without the pain of playing normal paintball.

As you compare paintball party packages and hope that there’s something different out there, keep in mind that gellyball is a fun and affordable way to entertain guests at your next party. To learn more about this popular sport or to book a mobile gellyball party, get in touch with us today.