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3D Glow Gellyball Is the Perfect Activity for All Kinds of Occasions

Whether you’re a parent, church youth group leader, event planner, or business manager, there’s one question that may have crossed your mind at some point: What’s a fun activity the people I’m in charge of might enjoy? There are lots of answers, and they all might look different depending on who you are talking about. However, there’s also one answer that applies to everyone: gellyball.

3D Glow Gellyball Is the Perfect Activity for All Kinds of Occasions

Gellyball is a shooting game that’s kind of like paintball, but it won’t hurt anyone or create a huge mess. Instead of hard-hitting, paint-filled ammo, gellyball uses soft gel balls filled with water as its ammo. It has a very light impact, so players might feel a slight sting when being shot but won’t be in pain. For this reason, gellyball is appropriate for people of all ages. Even kids as young as five can play.

A step up from gellyball is 3D glow gellyball. It’s the same game, only it incorporates fun, glow-in-the-dark features, such as ultraviolet blasters. Here at Northeast Texas Gellyball in Sulphur Springs, Texas, we actually have the only glow-in-the-dark 3D gellyball arena in Texas. It’s a dark environment that’s lit up with all sorts of colors, and it’s tons of fun for everyone.

3D glow gellyball is perfect for all kinds of occasions. Young kids love it for their birthday parties. Youth groups have fun competing and running around. If you’re an event planner, mobile gellyball is an activity option for whatever county fair or festival you’re organizing. And if you’re in charge of a group at work, 3D glow gellyball can even be a good team-building activity.

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